So how DO you plan to tour the world by bike?

How am I planning my bike tour? Mostly, I’m not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been spending plenty of time looking at gear and reading the blogs of other long term bike tourers. And of course I can’t help but pore over maps looking at all the places I want to go, mapping routes I could take. But beyond a rough route through Europe and a handful of attractions in major cities that I’d like to see I haven’t made many concrete plans.

The problem, as usual, is time. I have plenty of it, and I want to see everything. I believe that each country has something special to offer, so I intend to visit as many as I can without complicating things too much, but that means my trip will take more time. I expect Europe alone to take 2 years. I have no idea what will happen in the next 6 months, let alone 3 years from now when I expect to finish traveling in Europe. I fully expect my route to change for one reason or another and see no reason to make plans to travel to a country that may be much less safe or impossible to get a visa for by the time I get there. So, while I have vague plans to travel for 2 more years after Europe, through Africa, the Middle East, and India, if I’m financially able to, for now I’m not going to do much about it.

In fact, I expect Europe to be the continent I plan for the most. This is partly because it’s the first and I can’t entirely help myself as a compulsive planner, and partly because the schengen area complicates things when I really want to see everything.

So for now I’m going to stick with my route through Europe(you can view it on my route page) and see where this trip takes me.