Hello again everyone. I’m writing now to say that, for personal reasons, my trip has been postponed again until 3 years from now. Barring any major setbacks, this WILL be the final postponement.

While I am very anxious to leave, I think this will be better for me in many ways. It will allow me to save money without being pressured by time, as well as give me time to work more on some skills that I’m hoping will allow me to make some money as I go so that I don’t have to rely only upon my savings. Finally, it will also allow me to say goodbye one last time to all my friends and family who don’t live near me.

So what all does this mean for this blog? Well, I will still be trying to get into a regular posting schedule, but I’m going to try for one post every two weeks rather than the once a week schedule I was shooting for before. I have a few short trips planned in the interim that I’ll post about, and I may talk a bit about previous trips as well. Otherwise, I’ll continue writing about my thoughts and processes.

See you in a couple of weeks!