Japan Memories

This week I’m going to write a bit about some good memories I have from Japan that I can’t make a full post out of. I have a couple of posts lined up about my favorite days as well, so keep an eye out for those! (Warning: photo heavy post)


A collage I made of my trip to Japan. The 5 yen coin is good luck.


My first day in Japan, I was in Kyoto. I specifically timed my trip so that I could go to the used book fair that occurs 3 times a year in different locations in Kyoto, and that’s what I ended up doing my first day. When I was done I walked around the area and stumbled across a particularly green area. In fact, I was to find out that Kyoto is a particularly green city. It’s also famous for its temples and shrines.  I’m still not sure where I was or if this area was famous or anything.

A cool tree I found just walking around
A hand (and mouth) washing basin at a shrine in the area


Nagoya castle was probably my favorite castle that I visited. With beautiful gardens, one of the more interesting museums, and their iconic golden dolphins you can’t go wrong.


 Nagoya Castle
 The golden dolphin (really a koi fish)
Nagoya Castle moat


When I was in Tokyo I made sure to visit a flea market. The one I went to was at Yasukuni shrine. It was fun to look around and I got a couple of neat souvenirs out of it. I mostly bought cheap knickknacks, but depending on your budget you can find some really cool stuff.


The start of the flea market


Of course, any trip to Japan wouldn’t be complete without visiting a festival. I was really only planning to go to one festival, but I ended up attending 3! The first was a festival that I stumbled across in Kyoto when I was exploring (read:lost) with somebody I’d met. We didn’t stay long because we were meeting somebody soon, but we did watch the parade for a little while. The second was a festival somewhere outside of Nagoya. I was meeting somebody from couchsurfing for the day to go to Yoro park(a topic of another post), and she thought I would like to go. I’m not 100% certain, but I think it was the Ogaki festival. The final one, which I’d originally planned to go to, turned out to be disappointing. I don’t know if I miscalculated or it got rained out, but it turned out that the parade was scheduled for the following day. Just the same, I have good memories of the day and I found a couple of neat small stores in the area. It is also the only festival I have any pictures at all of.


Asakusa Street
Taking shelter from the rain
The stalls (right side of the picture) were closed most of the time I was there, presumably because of the rain


Overall, I had a great time in Japan and can’t wait to cycle it and discover more of this amazing and diverse country.

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