My Vague Route Plan

Sorry, a bit of a late update this week! I’ve been sick. Some of you may have noticed that I took down the route map I used to have up. This is partially because my route has changed and partially because I moved the dates and I can’t predict what places will become dangerous to travel in by the time I leave, and there’s no telling if I’ll get the visas I need. Nonetheless, here is a vague plan of the route I hope to take, broken down into legs. I may not do it all at once; that depends on my finances and whether I feel like I need a break sometime in the middle.


Leg 1

I’ll start with 3 months in Europe to allow myself to get into a routine in a relatively easy place, then enter Africa through Spain. I was originally going to start easy, doing all of Europe before Africa, but I feel a strong draw towards Africa. I will go down the West coast and up the East.


Leg 2


I will make my way to Turkey after Africa, probably by boat but possibly by land, then do a loop through Turkey stopping in Kurdistan Iraq, Armenia, and Georgia then into Europe. I’ll make my way around Europe, going to as many countries as possible. My path will have to work around the schengen visa, which allows 90 days out of 180 in all of the schengen states combined, so I’ll have to duck into non-schengen countries for the other 90 days, and who knows what countries will have joined by the time I get here. When I’m doing planning (because I’m a compulsive planner even though things will change by the time I get there), this makes this section one of the hardest to figure out, since I want to see as much as possible, even though other places have difficult to obtain and/or limiting visas or few land boarders. I even looked into getting Italian citizenship based on my ancestors to make it easier, but I wasn’t eligible.


Leg 3


Cross Russia, and enter Japan. Travel most of the length of Japan then fly to Taiwan. Sort of loop around China one multiple entry visa if I can get one, ducking into Korea and Mongolia along the way. Then travel around Southeast Asia.


Leg 4


Travel to India, by land if feasible but by plane otherwise, then travel around Central Asia and the Middle East.


Leg 5


Take a plane to Malaysia, then travel through Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.


Leg 6


Travel south from Ecuador, to southern Argentina. Go to Antarctica if financially possible, then travel North through South America, Central America, and Mexico.


Leg 7


Travel up the west coast of the US and into Canada. Travel around Canada, ducking in to Alaska along the way. Then I will reenter and travel around the US for a bit. I’m still not sure whether I want to try to travel to every state or just go to the places that interest me most. I guess I’ll see!



Once again, I want to reiterate that all plans are subject to change! Places become more dangerous or less dangerous or close their boarders all the time. However, I feel a lot better having a plan, even if I know I’ll have to be flexible with it and might even end up on a completely different trip.