Cancun: Arrival and Day 1

I know guys! I’ve been terrible about blogging here! I’m here for now. I’ll try to do updates every other Tuesday. We’ll see.


I arrived in Cancun midafternoon, excited but scared. Just before the exit I was accosted by a man wanting to give me brochures and help me find a transportation. I was a little nervous because I’d just gotten there and I was trying to get my bearings and still needed to find my friend Nataly, who’d been waiting there for hours. After a couple of tries I managed to explain this to him and he told me that outside the doors there was a split and she might be to the left or the right. Uh-oh. Would I be able to find her? I exited and looked around nervously, not wanting to go the wrong way and be unable to get back in. Before I made any decisions, though, a man was calling me. It was a taxi driver who brought me to Nataly.

After we exchanged money we had to figure out how to get to our hotel. I wanted to take the bus and all my research had told me that they would be running fairly regularly around this time, but Nataly just wanted to get to the hotel and somebody (a taxi driver?) was telling her that it would be hours before we could catch a bus, so when one driver offered to drive us for a really good price and assured us that it was because they had an appointment to pick up somebody in the area anyway I gave in.

On the way to the hotel our driver was pulled over by the cops and took our fare in advance to bribe them, but we eventually got there without further incident. After relaxing in our room for a bit we decided to go look for something to eat.

For some reason most of the places we found weren’t open, but we eventually settled on a small taqueria. As we finished eating, we noticed we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes! How had I not prepared for this? At a nearby shop we were shown a few insect repellent options before I saw one I was familiar with and confident in.


The next morning we ate at tortas at the restaurant across the street from our hotel then hopped on a bus to the beach.

After the beach, we walked up to the Museo Maya de Cancun. It was a good museum, but I enjoyed the walk through the lovely adjoining San Miguelito archaeological site much more, even though we’d forgotten to put on our repellent and were once again being eaten alive. I annoyed Nataly by taking pictures of every lizard we saw plus a cool looking tree.

After that we took a bus downtown and grabbed some food at Parque de las Palapas, but we were both still tired from travelling the day before and we had to get up early the next morning, so we called it an early day and returned to our hotel.

4 Replies to “Cancun: Arrival and Day 1”

  1. Mosquito repellent should always be on the packing list if venturing to warm climates. Doesn’t have to be jungley for there to be loads of them… We get swarms in PEI during the summer and that’s further north than Nova Scotia–all firs and such, no jungles.

    Glad your visit is going well so far, though! I love the slideshows.

    • Yes, of course. Around here too. Mosquitoes love me and I’ve had my eyes swell up before. Actually that was the same time as I took the photo in my header. Definitely not jungle, though it’s also not the mountains I live in. Cancun was in October (should have written this ages ago…) and we’d already had first snow here, so even though I remembered it would be warm I was more focused on finding sunscreen for my extremely pale skin and mosquitoes slipped my mind.
      Glad you liked it!