Long time! There are a lot of reasons for that. Tough life stuff as well as the fact that I don’t always know what to write about in this blog, mostly. To address the latter, I’ve come up with a Plan. Like all plans made with good intentions, I’ll probably deviate from it, but I’m hoping it will help keep up my motivation while giving me something to share with you while I save money for my big trip (which has been moved to September 2018, and dang it I’m going this time no matter how much money I’ve saved or whether my self employment attempts pan out).

I recently read Alistair Humphreys’ Microadventures, in which he recounts a series of “Microadventures,” or small scale adventures meant to fit into the busy schedules many of us have. He emphasizes that they are not any less adventures for being small. Indeed, several of his were physically taxing or led to the discovery of beauty right in his backyard. He also emphasizes how even if you live in a city it’s likely you can find wild adventure nearby without sacrificing too much time; many of his microadventures started from London.

Although his adventures and many of his “other ideas” examples were based in the UK (understandable, as he could hardly cover the entire world), I would recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration or motivation to fit more adventure into their life.

This book has actually been on my reading list for a while, and I’m glad I finally got around to it. Because while I have had ideas for small trips near my home (I live in an area of great beauty, a fact I don’t take nearly as much advantage of as I should), I haven’t had the motivation to act on them. I also got several new ideas from this book!

So, starting this month, I’m going to be going on at least one microadveture a month, for the 18 months until I leave on my big trip. This will also give me the chance to try out some of the gear I’ve begun collecting! I’ll post on Mondays from now on, with posts that don’t detail my microadventures being dedicated to gear reviews, preperation updates, trip wish lists, and my emotional journey as the trip draws nearer.

Happy adventuring, however you can!