Microadventure 1: Camping on a Mountaintop

Started with the microadventures later than I’d planned, but late is better than never, right?

For my first trip, I decided to take my dad and camp atop my favorite mountain. I’d never been up there before; I just like its style. So when I got home from work Saturday night I grabbed my gear and my dad and we headed out.

A mountain beyond the river with a rocky face up top

Upon arriving at the base, I realized that our way up was marked by pretty steep animal trails covered in loose soil, a fact that my dad, who had been up there before, neglected to mention. Thanks dad!

My dad and I preparing to climb the mountain

I was never much of a hiker, and I certainly didn’t bring the right shoes for it, but I charged ahead. At least for a while. Before too long my calves were burning and I needed a break and a sip of water. I was trying out some new gear for this trip, and it turned out that our water bladder took much more force to draw from than my old one, but it did have a nifty lock mechanism.

We made good time up the mountain, even though we kept stopping for breaks and to take pictures. I think my dad told me three times that we were approaching the final stretch before it was true.

Finally at the end of the trail, we wandered into the woods a little until we found a nice campfire spot already set up with some trees nearby a good distance apart for me to hang my hammock. My dad started a fire while I set up to sleep, and before long we were cooking dessert and dinner around the warmth of a crackling fire. We ate them in that order, of course, because who wants to¬†wait for marshmallows when they’re so quick and delicious? I was, as I always have been, a heathen marshmallow burner.

I’m pretty sure I set up my hammock wrong, so I’ll neglect to say anything about that or my sleeping bag until I get it figured out, but it held my weight and was reasonably comfortable. In the morning I woke to, not the open sky per se. Foliage is more like it. But it was a nice change of pace just the same.

We packed up quickly, deciding to eat breakfast at home, and made good time down going back down. Then it was a quick walk back home and a few hours to relax before I had to be at work again.


We couldn’t have done this trip if we didn’t live so close to the mountain, but if you have a car or a couple of days free consider sleeping atop a mountain next time you get an itch for adventure.