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My name’s Rebecca. Growing up in a small ski town of Colorado, I never traveled much but always had an interest in foreign cultures. One insomnia-filled night I suddenly had the crazy idea: I should backpack through Europe. Suddenly I was awake and researching backpacking in Europe and even the world. After confirming that the idea wasn’t so crazy after all, I went back to sleep, but the plans didn’t end there. Over the next few weeks I researched destinations and transportation like a madwoman. At some point I got the idea that I absolutely had to go to Africa. But I didn’t want to just take a bus or a train between major cities, although that’s an adventure in its own right. I wanted to see the in-between spaces. I don’t drive, so renting a 4×4 was out, and then. . . I wonder. . . is it possible? Could I really travel Africa by bike? Not to be deterred by common sense, I started researching immediately. I first found the organized tours and eventually found the solo bike tourist blogs. One of those blogs¬†somehow convinced me that I should just do the whole trip by bike, and thus a dream was born.

I plan to leave for Europe spring 2017 and take my time to see more countries. I can always take time off before picking it right back up if I need a break or run out of funds. Until then, I plan to enjoy the ride.

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