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On this blog I plan to chronicle my travels and share the cultures and landscapes I discover along the way. I will never understand the full picture of the countries I travel through, but with little snapshots I hope to encourage people to discover more on their own whether through their own travels or vicariously through books and websites. If I can get just one person more interested in a new culture or even to realise that the world isn’t as dangerous as we’re told I’ll consider it a success. To accomplish this goal I hope to make this blog a place not just for my own stories but for the stories of people I meet along the way, a place where I give a voice to the places I travel, through the eyes of people who live there.


Here’s a short video about where I want this blog to eventually end up. Sorry for poor quality, I didn’t have access to a good quality camera. I may reshoot it when I do.


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  1. Awesomee , i told you .. i really admire uu , it will be soo good traveling around the world and i am totally sure you will have a great experience !!!

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